marți, 31 iulie 2012

Gyilkos-tó and Békás-szoros

The past week I was at one of my best friends in Gyergyószentmiklós, where I had an amazing time! We also went to Tusványos, where they have an annually festival , it was the first time I had attended  , but certainly not the last! The concerts where not really my thing, but the after partys certainly were! They were held in big tents, there were 5-6 and played diffrent style music.
On Sunday we visited the Gyilkos-tó and the Békás-szoros, which we visited before, but every time we are there it is like we've never visited it, we are amazed at how beautiful this region of Romania is. At the same time we are disappointed in the turism , which could be better.
The Békás-szoros – Nagyhagymás   National Park is located in north-eastern  Romania, in the  Eastern Carpathians mountain chain. The reservation territory is part of Neamţ  and Harghita  counties.
The park's most important geologic features are Békás-szoros (Bicaz Gorges), a deep canyon dug by the NagyhagymásGyilkos-tó (the Red Lake) - a natural dam lake, and the Nagyhagymás Mountains.

sâmbătă, 28 iulie 2012

Little roadtrip

{Dragons Garden Reservation}

     We decided to take a road-trip when coming home from my mum, and it was really fun and nice. We visited the so-called Dragons Garden Reservation (don't ask me why is it called this way), but we couldn't really enjoy our time there, because we were wearing wedges. I am definitely going to visit again, but with sneakers! :) We visited a little village as well, called Dej. It's a beautiful place, too bad it's filled with gypsies.
     I was wearing my new Orsay jeans, Primark top, some no name wedges that are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and Mango bag.

Have an amazing weekend! :)

luni, 23 iulie 2012

Same dress!

Do you remember this dress? Yes, we wore it to a wedding, both of us. But now, I decided to wear it a bit differently, keeping it simple with black wedges and leopard print bag. What do you think? Do you like it this way, or the other way?


sâmbătă, 21 iulie 2012

Pastel pleasure

{skirt orsay, top zara, necklace h&m, shoes kitten}

Have a great weekend!

miercuri, 18 iulie 2012

Colors everywhere!

{Saci: dress, bag Orsay, wedges Aldo, necklace Benvenutti, sunnies H&M, bracelet Raus - a cute shop in our city}

     Can you imagine a better way of gaining power and strenght for the last, hardest and most important exam than putting on your favourite clothes and taking pretty pictures? Well sure not, if you are a fashion freak as I am. You must be wondering, what? Hasn't this girl already celebrated her finals by going out with a ruffled animal print dress? But I forgot to mention that I still have an exam, the one I have to sit for the University I want to attend. Wish me luck, and have a fabulous week, everyone!

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marți, 17 iulie 2012

Lime & black

{dress Orsay, shoes zara, bag h&m, earrings raus}

These beautiful pictures were taken by our friend and photographer Zoltan Rab .I love these pics so much, I can't say it enough.
I am wearing an Orsay dress,which I bought in a sale , at half it's original price. When buying dresses it is important to look for the wow factor. My tip for you is trying on many dresses that have different styles, and include those which you wouldn't normally try on. I didn't think that this dress would look good on me, but after trying it on my opinion changed.

Have an amazing day!