vineri, 30 noiembrie 2012

{ TGIF }

     Here are a few photos taken today with our phones. We didn't intend to do a post, so we didn't have the camera with us, but I think these photos are quite nice!  My outfit is the same as in a recent post, except the bag which was my B-day gift from my mum and sister. You recognize it? Yes, it's from Zara! I just love it because it's big enough to fit everything that I need for a long day.
     I changed my hairstyle a bit, honestly I didn't like my hair any longer so I had to do something about it. Since I don't want to cut it off ( it took ages to grow longer) and I just love this color, I decided to have bangs. I did have bangs 4 years ago, but then I had shorter hair. Do you like it? :)

Have an amazing weekend!

duminică, 25 noiembrie 2012

Keep calm, I'm the birthday girl!

{Orsay dress, Raus necklace, Kittens wedges}

     Today is my birthday, but we already celebrated it on Friday! I invited some of my friends over to our place where we had some drinks and talked about everything that was on our minds. After that we went to a local bar where we celebrated it properly. I got a lot of lovely present, maybe I will show them to you in another post!

Have an amazing week lovelies! :)

marți, 20 noiembrie 2012

Lost in my mind.

{ Orsay jeans, Tommy Hilfiger shirt, Stradivarius blazer, Benvenutti bag, Deichmann leopard pumps, C&A sunnies, jewelry I got from my mum as a birthday present }

     I think it is absolutely boring that our last posts were ALL taken in nature, between falling leaves, and so on. The problem is that I live in a place where if you take photos in front of the beautiful buildings they stare at you and think you are absolutely conceited, a feeling we try to avoid. Oh and we don't have so many beautiful buildings, but I promise you I'm gonna take photos in front of places that I think are absolutely gorgeous, one of them, my University of course! 
     Right now I am kind of lost in all the stuff I have to do, this week is my birthday so I'm kind of planning that, and waiting for it anxiously! And of course I can't lose sight of what is really important, Uni. So I have a lot to learn and no time, let along motivation for it.
     I decided I want somehow this blog to reflect my true self, so I'm going to post every time a song that just fits my mood and state of mind.With that said, here is today's song! Hope you enjoy it, and check out other songs from this band, they are absolutely stunning (if you are into indie-folk)!

Have an amazing week!

sâmbătă, 17 noiembrie 2012

Autumn on repeat!

{TNT coat; Orsay knitted dress, leggings and bag; Benvenutti boots}

     This is what I wore Friday for an exam. I just love wearing comfortable things that look very well together. As you might have noticed we often wear things from Orsay, first of all because it's the best place in our town and second of all, they have quite amazing clothes for every taste!

Have an amazing weekend!

luni, 12 noiembrie 2012

Lazy days

{pants amisu, sweater orsay, boots deichman, scarf orsay, jacket amisu, bag ovs, necklace benfenuti}

I just love this weather lately!  Love combining leather jackets with big, fluffy scarves and some comfy biker boots! I can't wait to wear more knitted clothes!
I had a relaxing weekend,didn't really do anything. I had some health issues, my stomach acted a bit strange , but now I'm ok.
I got the chance to meet up with my friends from Cluj/Kolozsvár, whom I haven't seen for awhile now. I really enjoyed the time spent with them! Hope you all had an amazing and relaxing weekend!

Have a great day!

vineri, 9 noiembrie 2012

{ Lover of the light }

{Orsay jeans, sweater and bag;  Clockhouse burgundy sweater;  Benvenutti boots}

     This is how I dress for University, except the booties. I usually wear flat shoes. But otherwise I love to wear comfy sweaters, jeans paired with a big bag just like in this outfit. This week I had my first exam at Osteology, and it went great! 
     Have you heard Mumford & Sons new song? I just love it! What kind of music are you obsessing over nowadays?

Hope you had an amazing week! :)