sâmbătă, 26 ianuarie 2013

Not giving in!

{Takko skirt; Tommy Hilfiger shirt; Orsay coat and bag; Clothingloves necklace; Benvenuti boots}

     Sorry for the lack of posts, but as you might know, we are fully in exam period, so we don't have time to take photos or blog as we usually do. This is an outfit that was mostly inspired by our new necklace that we got from Clothingloves this week. As I had an exam today, I thought of dressing up a bit fancier and this is the result. My mum said that this look is kind of plain and boring, but honestly I think (rarely!) less is more.
     If you haven't read our post about Clothingloves, it is a great place to shop, where you can find anything from wholesale fashion clothes to clothing accessories . We especially like the accessories that they offer and now we can say that not only do they look amazing on pictures, they look as great in real life as well! But some wholesale net dresses have caught our eyes as well! Take a look!

{1; 2; 3}

{1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6}

 This is my motivational music for stressed out periods like I am in right now! Those of you who are in the same position as I am, good luck!

Have an amazing week!

duminică, 20 ianuarie 2013

Spring trends 2013

     Hello everyone! Hope you're having a great day! Today I put together a few pictures from the Spring 2013 Collections. The main trends this season are lace, sheer fabrics, geometrical patterns, many different prints. As I look through the shows  I identified two main woman personalities, the first one is a elegant, sophisticated and self confident as seen at Vera Wang,Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera  while the other has an androgyne edge to her femininity as seen on the runways at Rag and bone, Reed Krakoff and DKNY. 
     I am in love with the the white suit from DKNY and the amazing statment pieces that Thakoon has to offer. 
     So this spring don't be a afraid to play with different patterns, textures, shapes, sizes and express yourself in a creative way through clothes. 

Have a great day!

duminică, 13 ianuarie 2013


{ Orsay shirt, Kenvelo skirt, Unknown brand coat, Stradivarius clutch, H&M necklace and sunnies, Graceland heels, Raus earrings }

      I wore this outfit during Holiday season, but I couldn't take photos, so I decided to take some now to show you this look. I absolutely love it because it makes me feel like a lady. I think it is really important to wear now and then clothes that make you feel and look classy, ladylike because we are too used to wearing jeans and pants. Honestly it is the easiest thing to put on, so I cannot blame anyone, but still we shouldn't forget that we are ladies for a reason! :)

Have a fabulous week, and good luck to all of you who have exams! :)

miercuri, 9 ianuarie 2013

{ the Scarf }

Coat, pants & gloves  - Orsay
Top - Raus
Wedges - Kittens
Clutch & necklace - H&m
Scarf vintage

This outfit all started with the scarf and the pants. The scarf was given to me by my grandfather, well actually I asked him to give it to me, because it is so beautiful. It was love at first sight! These pants are from Orsay, I bought it a couple of moths ago and never really worn them, I just forgot I had them. This is the story of my outfit.

Have an amazing day !