marți, 30 aprilie 2013

TREND: Patterned Pants !

{ H&M pants, Only shirt, Leonardo heels, Orsay bag, C&A sunglasses}

     My sister bought a pair of pants just like these two week ago and they were love at first sight! When I saw them I just knew I needed them so badly. Usually we shop together but this time I was just too lazy to go with her. Lucky me they still had them in my size, plus they were cheap as well ( 40 lei, 10 € ). This weekend they had an amazing sale at H&M, you should check it out if you are in need of some new clothes.
     I feel that patterned pants/shorts/skirts will still be a trend for the following seasons! I picked out some pictures from the most popular brands, H&M and Zara, to show you what you can choose from. These two brands have a wide variety of printed pants for every body shape! These pants have become a statement piece but also a necessity in every woman's closet. They can also be worn in every season with the right accessories, because they give a sense of sophistication to every outfit. The five must have patterned pants are: 

  1. Animal print
  2. Stripes
  3. Polka dots
  4. Floral
  5. Ethnic

Have a great day!

luni, 29 aprilie 2013

{ Floral spirit }

{ H&M top and jeans, Aldo wedges, Orsay bag and sunnies, Fossil watch, Raus bracelet }

     This is the outfit I chose to wear on Friday, when I went shopping with my sister. These shoes are the most perfect ones I think I own, they are very comfortable and very my style: edgy and colorful! I feel like I have power in these shoes, sound funny right? Well I absolutely need that power because here in Romania (or at least where I live) people stare at you like crazy if you dare to go out of ordinary with your style.
     Last week we were tagged by Corina (check out her blog here) in a so-called Super Sweet Award. Thank you for thinking about us, here are our answers! :) Sorry we didn't translate it in English, basically there are 5 questions about what sweets do we love! I will let the picture speak for themselves!

Have an amazing week!

sâmbătă, 27 aprilie 2013

Black & Yellow

{ Orsay pants, bag, blazer and sunglasses; New Yorker shirt, Deichman heels, Zara bracelet }

     Hello! The weather this week was amazing, I even wore sandals yesterday. Love the warm weather, summer and everything that has to do with it. I feel that the transition from winter to summer was way too close, spring is/was to short. I didn't even get the chance to wear my beloved cream trench coat this season, and my flats I  have to change them to sandals.
     Can' wait for the Student Days (Diáknapok) to begin! It is a festival for students, which will be held between the 8- 11 of May in Marosvásárhely. Four day of fun, sports and sunshine! Yuppppyyy!

Have a great weekend !

miercuri, 24 aprilie 2013

Little dream come true!

{Orsay jeans,leather jacket and sunnies; Top from Poland; Benvenuti necklace; Wagoneer loafers; ArtBag bag}

       I should have shown you this bag a long time ago, only I waited for the perfect time to show it to you guys! This bag is a little dream come true, because it's the first bag I have designed and also the first bag I have won via a giveaway! Of course  after this I won another great clutch, but I am still preparing with that outfit post!    

      So it all started when I saw a great giveaway via Strike a pose (BTW just take a look at her blog, she has a great sense of style!). Usually I don't enter international giveaways because I think there is almost no chance for me to win it, but this was different because the 'rules' of the giveaway were to design your own bag which you might win if they picked your bag to be the most beautiful. So I thought I will give it a try! This was back in November I think, and honestly I totally forgot about it. They announced the giveaway winner two weeks after, and I had no clue that I had won it because I had a lot of exams. I think only in December had I realized that I won it via an e-mail from the company who asked for my shipping address. I was shocked!!! And then I think in  February I got the bag and I was so so happy! 
      But let's talk about this awesome bag. From the first moment I saw the giveaway I thought of designing a bag for my laptop/ for all the books and notebooks I have to carry to University. I have been looking for a bag like this, but honestly I couldn't find a pretty one. I wanted a big, colorful, preferably floral bag, so I designed it so. I just love the colors, the fabrics, they are just like I imagined they would be! After I found out I won it, I started to be anxious because I didn't design the handles for the bag ( you can see that in the second picture) !!! I was freaking out because it's a bag that cannot be carried without a handle. But when I received it I was so relieved to see that I will be able to carry it around!
So a big thanks to Ramona for this wonderful opportunity and of course a huge thanks to ArtBag who have made my little dream come true! Don't forget to check out her page, 'til then, here's a preview of how she styled her own ArtBag bag. Just love the color combination she used! :)

Have an amazing day!

luni, 22 aprilie 2013

Inspired by Blair Eadie!

{ Vero Moda skirt; Orsay coat and belt; H&M top, necklace,bracelets, hair accessory and bag, Stradivarius flats, Fossil watch } 

     I think these are the last photos without any sunshine! They were taken on the same day Kinga wore this look, so almost a month went by since then, but I still wanted to show you them! I just love this style, honestly I don't even know what it's called, but I've seen it so many times on my favourite blogger (Blair Eadie)  I just had to try it out myself! Of course she does it better, just take a look: 

Do you like this style? Have an amazing week!

sâmbătă, 20 aprilie 2013

Stripes and sunshine!

{H&M pants, bag, necklace and bracelets; Orsay coat and sunnies; C&A sweater, Leonardo flats}

     I totally forgot about these photos, but maybe there was something subconscious about it because I don't really like how they turned out to be, but I wanted to show you my new (now not-so-new) striped pants. 

Have an amazing weekend!