vineri, 31 mai 2013

Keep it simple!

{ Shirt here, Orsay jeans, blazer and bag; Deichmann heels; C&A Sunglasses; H&M bracelets }

     This is how I wore this shirt, I kept it real simple with my fave jeans and heels. I find that as summer gets more closer I tend to wear less jewelry. That's because it often annoys me, it sticks to my skin and leaves a mark or in the worst case I get a bad allergy from the metal. Most of the jewelry we buy is not gold or silver and contain metals that combined with the heat and sweat leads to an allergic reaction. Having red spots on your neck or wrist looks quite disgusting and feels annoying. I tend to wear silver a lot and wooden or fabric jewelry.
     Getting back to my outfit I paired it with a tuxedo styled blazer and a big black studded bag. It's an outfit that you could wear to a multitude of occasions, from daytime to nighttime by accessorizing it and by changing the make-up a bit. Love the back of the top, it is just amazing for summer! Like that it has a light fabric and it does not stick to you.

Wishing you an amazing weekend!

joi, 30 mai 2013


     Hey guys! This week we received the floral shirt from Persunmall , and we are just so pleased with it! It is the best shirt for summer days, we just cannot wait the sunny days to wear it on our bathing suit! Although me and my sister have totally different body types, and different sizes at almost everything (pants, shoes, coats) we can manage to wear the same shirt in size M. That is a bit small for me and bit large for my sister, but anything for fashion, right? We just wish we had at least the same shoe size.
     Anyway, lately we've been craving for more and more floral prints in our wardrobe, it is the most perfect print for summer, you can style it however you want (floral on floral, or with beautiful neutral colors). We can never get enough of it! Check out these beautiful items!

PS: How would you style this shirt? If you are interested in our pick, stay tuned for Kinga's outfit photos, soon on blog!

Have an amazing weekend!

duminică, 26 mai 2013


{ H&M dress, necklace, sunnies and spiked bracelet, Asos clutch, Leonardo shoes, Zara bracelets }

     I just love this dress and outfit! Too bad I cannot say the same thing about the photos as well. I was a bit disappointed when I saw the photos. Hope in the near future I can take better shots of this great dress. You all know how much I love to wear dresses, but most of mine are way too dressy-dressy, that is why I decided to buy this. I think this is such a great casual piece, I can see myself wearing it every day! 

Hope you are having an amazing week! Good luck with your exams!

joi, 23 mai 2013

Start of something good!

{Stradivarius shirt, Orsay shorts, New Look clutch, Stradivarius heels, Zara necklace, Orsay sunglasses}

     Hello everyone! Hope you're doing well! I for one have started the exam session and  for the next month I'll be having 5 exams, one harder then the other, but that's life! Student life is not only full of parties but also full of exams. But I still love it! Many of my friends are graduating from university this month, I just can't believe how fast time goes by. But thank God I still have 3 years left! :) I can't see myself just yet working, waking up every morning and dealing with the routine of adult life!
     I want to introduce to you two blogs, which two of my classmates stared! Love that young people have new things to share with the world and communicate it by starting a blog! Good job girls!So the first one is a fashion related one, check out here blog here and facebook page here. The other one is more of a oral hygiene one, check out here blog here. Hope you will like them, I for one can't wait their next post! 

Have a great day!


luni, 20 mai 2013

Inspired by ZADIN

{Orsay dress worn as skirt; H&M top, necklace and bracelets; Kittens wedges, clutch won via a giveaway, sunnies C&A}

     I wanted to show you this outfit for quite some time! The moment I saw ZADIN's outfit with this bag that I actually won via one of her giveaways, I knew I wanted to style it similarly. I just love the result, although I have no idea where I could wear this. Anyway, looking back through the photos, my hair plus the sunnies remind me of Frassy a bit. Well her hair is way messier usually, but I just love it! I actually thought of buying a bigger hair doughnut, what do you think? Can I pull off a bigger and messier bun? 

Have an amazing week,

vineri, 17 mai 2013

Color your life!

{ H&M jacket, skirt, top and necklace; Orsay bag and sunglasses ; Deichmann mid-heels: Mango cuff }


    There are days when I feel under the weather, that's when I dress up, put on a pink lipstick and my favorite perfume, Versace Black Noir . I also love listening to music, Scott & Brendo - Light It Up (feat. Justin Williams) is just amazing and the video always brings a smile on my face. If this doesn't help I go out with my girlfriends for some ice cream or a cool cocktail and gossip a bit. This will always help me brighten up! 
    If you haven't got any plans for the weekend I suggest you should go to the cinema and see The Great Gatsby, it is just amazing!!!! Not only for the visuals , but also for it's plot! Some of the fashions biggest  houses, such as Prada and Miu Miu helped put together the outfits for two party scenes. They picked out the dresses from Prada's past collection and restyled it in a way that they feel more 1920. They also collaborated with Tiffany & Co. and designed different jewelries especially for this movie! So go and watch it, it is simply amazing! 

Have a great weekend!

marți, 14 mai 2013

200th post!

{ Saci: Orsay dress, H&M necklace, Deichmann heels 
 Kinga: H&M dress, H&M necklace, Deichmann heels }

So this is our 200th post ! YEAYYY! It seems like yesterday we just started our blog, and still so long ago! During this time our style has evolved and our way of thinking has changed. I for one don't see myself as that little girl with so many questions and few answers. I believe that people change, life and our personal experiences change  the way we think, the way we see other people, the way we even perceive ourselves. This is how life should be.

PS:Next month we' ll be celebrating the blog's second birthday ! Don't really know how, but we will!

We want to thank everyone who had ever visited our blog!

Have a great day!
Kinga & Saci.