vineri, 30 august 2013

{ Interview with Suburban Faux Pas }

     Hi guys! Up until now, we showed you three beautiful young lady's blog, each with a unique sense of style. This time, we decided to present to you Krystin's blog, Suburban Faux Pas, which I am sure most of you have come across. If not, here are some of our favourite looks of her! Enjoy!

 1. When did your interest in fashion begin and what made you want to start a style blog?

It wasn't until my late-teens and early 20s that I really began to appreciate the realm of fashion. I started a blog when I moved to the suburbs to prove to people that even outside of fabulous city life, style can prevail! 

 2. Have you always had a spot in your heart for fashion?

To be honest, I wasn't always the 'fashionista' growing up. I rarely paid attention to my outfits in high school and was often scolded from my mother for dressing like a boy. 

 3. Describe your style. Has it evolved since you began your blog?

I would say that my style is modern feminine. I can't deny I love a good ruffle, frill or bow but I'm also partial to modern textures, cuts and styles. 

4. What things or places inspire you?

Certainly other fashion blogs act as major sources of inspiration. I also cannot deny the amazingness that is Pinterest on my personal style. But I also draw influences from the places I've visited. Notable destinations for fashion include NYC, Paris and Rome for style. 

5. Do you have any style icons?

I am a major fan of Olivia Palermo, Blair Eadie, Vanessa Jackman and Jenna Lyons. 

6. What spring/summer pieces or trends are you most excited to wear?

I am really into transitional items at the moment so distressed boyfriend jeans, summer dressers that can be layered into the fall and leopard print loafers. 

7. Is there a store or designer that you feel best embodies your personal style? 

That's a tough one. I don't think I could choose just one. My style can evolve from one day to the next. I might be in J.Crew from head to toe one day and then find myself in a seemingly-modern suit from Zara the next. 

8. What five essentials should every girl have in her wardrobe? 

Black leather jacket, fabulous pair of sunglasses, leather oxfords, an investment bag and a gold MK watch :) 

 9. Do you have a signature scent or shade of lipstick? 

So it's a recent find but I am in LOVE with my White Blossom & Nectarine perfume from Jo Malone. The scent is light and airy but lasts all day long which is every PR girl's dream ;) While I have recently been more daring with my lipstick purchases I would probably have to stick with a tinted nude shade like Snob from MAC.  

10. What websites and blogs do you read daily?,, and 

 11. What are your favorite designers and where do you usually shop?

Oh lala! I love Valentino, Prada, Alexander Wang and Oscar de la Renta. I'll typically shop at Zara, Gap, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Forever 21, Joe Fresh and J.Crew :)

Hope you enjoyed it!
Kinga & Saci

miercuri, 28 august 2013


{ Pull & Bear skirt, Awwdore top, Orsay tank top,Benvenuti bag, Kittens wedges,  Firmoo glasses, Miss Sixty watch, H&M bracelet }

     My sister redeemed this lovely crochet top via Chictopia, and although it says at the size 32-42, it is more like a 32-36, so it barely fits me. I had to wear a tank top underneath, you can see it in the first photo. But I love it! It is perfect for a summerish day, for going shopping. I decided to wear it with a skirt, but it looks pretty amazing with jeans as well! If you are following us via Facebook you might have seen it.

Have an amazing day!

luni, 26 august 2013

Pastel crush!

{ Orsay pants, Persunmall dress worn as a top, Stradivarius flats, H&M bag, Fossil watch, Raus earrings }  

     I wore this outfit twice, Friday & Saturday as well! Friday we were on a little shopping spree in Cluj, and by the time we finished, I was so tired I had no energy for photos, so decided to take them next day. 
     So let's talk about this look. First of all, do you remember this top? I wore it more office like in this post, and decided to wear it in a casual outfit as well. This combination popped into my head the week before, when I couldn't sleep at nights. I was in the village where my mum works, and I packed very lightly. As soon as we made plans to go to Cluj, the biggest dilemma was what should I wear? Thank God my sister wore this top on our way there, so I could dress it myself as well.
     Also, the biggest miracle happened on our stay there: I did my make-up , all by myself, and with a new technique, well at least new to my usual routine. Kinga was so shocked, but I think happy as well!

Have an amazing week!

duminică, 25 august 2013

{ glass-mania }


     Got these lovely glasses a few weeks ago, and I must stay I love them! Since I got them, I haven't took them off or put my other ones on. They are not only fashionable but also comfy and easily cleanable. Another good thing is that you  get some tiny screws and a screwdriver as well, in case you lose one. I never got them with my previous glasses.

What do you have to know about this store? Here's what they say:
" is the world's most popular online eyeglasses store. Years of expertise in optical industry enable to offer varieties of prescription eyewear to the consuming public in high quality yet at extremely affordable prices. "
The ordering process is quite simple, you get the package in a week  delivered at your home. 
If you never ordered from them, than your first pair of glasses are free, click here for more information! It doesn't get better than that!


Have a lovely day!

joi, 22 august 2013

Lady in Red

Persunmall dress, Zara heels, Orsay bag, Zara necklace, Firmoo glasses }

Got this gorgeous dress from Persunmall last week and couldn't wait to wear it! I decided to keep it elegant yet casual with the oversized bag and strappy heels. I just love this dress, it is so comfy and versatile. I could see myself combining it with boots and a black leather jacket and a big scarf for fall.
My sister and I have different sizes and usually my dresses don't fit her, but this one magically fits us both and looks lovely too! Can't wait to see how she wears it!
I also love my new glasses which I got from Firmoo! They came a few weeks ago and worn them non-stop. Not only fashionable but still comfortable and cheap, more about this site and glasses in out next post!

Have a lovely day!

marți, 20 august 2013

Messy hair - don't care!


{H&M top & necklace, Orsay skirt, wedges, Zara bag, C&A sunnies}

I just love crossings, especially the newly painted ones! They look so good on photos and make a boring place perfect for outfit shots, don't you think?