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Ever since we came back from Budapest we wanted to post about this, but we didn't have enough time to prepare it. We were truly blessed this summer, we had two amazing months. We exploared Budapest by day and by night, went from cafetteria to cafetteria, tried out the indian, chinese, japanese, mexican, georgian and jewish cousine. And let's not forget about all those yummy desserts and drinks. If you are ever in Budapest, visit at least one of these places, it is totally worth it!! So, let's start!

1. Amber's French Bakery


This place is perfect for a girly brunch, when you want to indulge in something sweet and enjoy a nice cup of coffee along some french music. I really liked the  caramel peanut pie and I wanted to try out the porridge, but  they didn't have any when I went there. Hope you'll be more lucky!

2. Hachapuri


To be totally honest, I didn't hear much about georgian cousine before I tried out Hachapuri. The base of everything is nuts, and their bread is so yummy. I tried out several dishes, all of them were excellent. They have a red wine, don't remember the name, but they told us that it was Stalin's fave one. You should definitely check it out!

3. Vintage Garden

3Vintage Garden

Even though we already wrote to you about this place, we thought it would be unfair to leave it out. Perfect place to have a nice dinner with your loved one. Try out the Oreo Blueberry Cheesecake, you will never forget it!!

4. Bors Gastrobar


Since it is a gastrobar and has only a few chairs, most of the time we ate outside, on nearby steps. It's really cheap (compared to other places) and it is a taste bud orgy! Our fave soup has to be Foki Broki, which is a brocoli cream soup, with loads of cheese and potato chips. But if you feel adventurous you should try out their cold chocolate soups (Twix, Milkyway, Cheesecake soups). Also the French Lady sandwich is to die for! No wonder it's the 6th most liked place in Budapest accordint to TripAdvisor!!

5. Chez Dodo Macaron Manufactory

5Chez Dodo

Whenever you are, you can never really forget about the parisian dessert. Filled with loads of calories, macarons are a fashionable girls best friend, right? Perfect place to hang out with your besties and gossip.

6. Vapiano


Before you say anything, yes, I know that Vapiano is a huge restaurant chain, but this was our first one so it's a bit special to us. Whenever you crave Italian cousine, this is the go to place. I really like the fact that you can see the how they make your dish. Plus the desserts are so yummy! 

7. 360 bar

7 360 bar

I bet there is no summer for the hungarians living in capital without going to the 350 sky bar. Loads of really interesting events and themed afternoons, like the Transilvanian day where we could enjoy our traditional food. It honestly felt good to eat something from home. Plus, you cannot beat this view. Perfection!

8. Shalimar


If you are fascinated about Indian couisine and culture, this is the place to dine in Budapest. It was our first time eating indian, so we asked the waitress for some advice. They are super cute and helpful, they helped us pick out the perfect dish for us. Who said indian has to be spicy? I ate a wonderful sweet dish with naan (the traditional indian bread). So yummy!

9. My little Melbourne 


Great place to meet up with a friend for a coffee and croissant, or why not an Oreo Milkshake! It's near the Deak Ferenc ter, so it is really close to Budapest biggest metro station. It's a tiny place, but you can always just take your coffee and enjoy it on the go!

10. Mazel Tov


Oh man, I would totally like a date here. So romantic, perfect music in the backround and amazing food. It's in the heart of the dinamic Budapest. We cannot wait to be back and try out something more specific to the jewish cousine, because what we ate is basically shaorma. Hehe!

11. Blue Bird Cafe

11Blue Bird Cafe

If you visit Budapest, don't forget to visit Gozsdu udvar in the afternoon. You will find lots of great places to eat, or drink a glass of wine. Blue Bird Cafe is a cute place, where you can sit in rocking chairs and enjoy a nice lemonade and some yummy dessert!

12. Rojt és Bojt kávéskuckó

13.1Rojt es bojt

It's basically in the middle of nowhere, so it is hard to find. If you spend more time in Budapest, or you sleep in Buda, you should try out this little caffeteria. Plus the marble print has gotten so trendy nowadays, all you can see on IG is marble tables, marble earrings, marble print clothes and so on. Perfect place to have a coffee and enjoy the latest issue of your fave magazine!

13. Wokzilla 


We are addicted to sushi! We could totally eat it every day and never get bored of it. I always ask my friends, if you had to choose a cousine to eat for the rest of your life, which one would be yours? Mine would be totally chinese/japanese! This is definitely the best sushi place in Budapest! You can find more about them on their website:

14. Spiler


Talking about Gozsdu udvar, this place is also located there! On our last day in Budapest, when we met with Aliz, we decided to eat here. Best burgers ever! Plus it's such a great, cozy place. Great place to meet up with friends in the evening!

Have you tried any of these places? Do you have other suggestions? 

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