Photos by Dion DK

Hey everyone!! Long time no see! We haven't blogged in a long time because life got in the way. Since our last post, Kinga moved to Budapest and I started my last year at medical university (after an amazing summer across USA). We miss blogging so much, but never got around to publish a new post, we were always so far away from each other, and you guys know how we can only do blogging together. I can't seem to motivate myself without my sister, we are both so busy, blogging can only work if we both want it. BUT we talked about this last time my sister visited, and we decided we will continue blogging, since this platform gave us so many chances and we got to meet so many people because of it. 

When we thought of the first blogpost on the new layout, we knew we wanted it to be a special one, so here you go! These are my graduation photos. After 6 years of hard work and lots of sleepless night, I can see the light at the end of the dark tunnel, haha. In less than a month I will be graduating medical school, stepping in the footsteps of my amazing mother and sister. I remember when I was in 8th grade and had to think what high school to join, I had only one aim: NOT to study biology, NOT to go to medical school because that would be sooo obvious and boring. YES, these were my "anarchist" and "rebellious" times. But now, looking back, I cannot imagine myself in any other way, no other job calls my name, no other field can capture my attention. 

As for the future? I hope I can join my sister in Budapest and start a residency program in a surgical field. But life always has a funny way of changing plans in the last minute, so who knows? I might meet a Nigerian Price (the one who always sends me emails with offering me money), move to Honolulu and become America's Next Top Model! 

Lots of love!

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