Heey :)

So we just started our own blog.We are Kinga and Saci, sisters from Romania, a place where fashion is just 'developing'.We would like to post about fashion, food, travel and all the stuff that we enjoy and feel like advising or showing you guys.
We've been wanting this blog for a few months now, but we waited 'til summer because we are students and so it's easier for us to start now, when we don't have to study.

I am Kinga, 19 , studying dentistry.I am obsessed with coffee, shoes and bags.
People who inspire me: Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, Leighton Meester, Jennifer Lopez
I am Saci, 17, studying math and computer science.I am obsessed with chocolate,ice-cream, beautiful patterned skirts,shorts and dresses and gorgeous accessories.
People who inspire me: I don't really have people who inspire me, because I just look at the clothes and even a not-so-fashionable star can have great shoes on, or something that catches my eyes. But I really like Alessandra Ambrosio, Lady Gaga.
Leave you with some pictures of us :)

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  1. Super lovely blog!



  2. Alright, you go girls :).
    Good luck!

    X, Sarah


  3. welcome to the blogging world :D

  4. Wow, Congratulations for starting a blog! It's a lot of fun and nice to meet you girls! :-) xoxoxoo

  5. 4 and 5 pictures gorgeous! love it! you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same! xx

  6. Thanks for the follow, I follow you back! xx Joice

  7. You have a photogenic face and you look amazing in all outfits........

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