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   These are some of the Christmas gifts I got. The two earrings in the first picture are a gift from myself. I saw them a week ago in a beautiful little boutique, where they have the most amazing jewellery in town,at an affordable price.As you can see the shops name is Raus. Also I bought my sister a necklace from them. I will show that in a next post.

This boots are a gift from my mom ,and also I got the sweater (in the next picture) from here.Love at first sight! Hope to wear them in the next post.

I got this beautiful bracelet from my lovely sister.

The towel was a gift from my boyfriends parents. 
I spent a lot of my Christmas with them as well, because my boyfriend came down with measles. He has to stay at home a couple of days, so we will spend New Years Eve at home. 

And this is what my boyfriend got me, I am in love with it!And the little box is so cute, on the bow it says 'Sweat heart' ohhhhhhh. XOXO  

My daily dose of fashion and a cup of hot cappuccino.
As you can see, a changed the blogs appearance, I hope you like it. A new year a new look for our blog . We are looking forward to your feedback.

Hope you had an amazing Christmas. 

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  1. oh,beautiful gifts for girl! best wishes and happy new year! puup

  2. Ooh the earrings are gorgeous!! Love the boots and bangle as well! Looks like you had a great holiday!

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