Burberry is one of our favourite British brands of all, and I think because they have never let us down. Year after year they amaze us with their outfits, which have a new air but still keep the tradition of trench coat that they have established in 1920.

         I find the evolution of this brand really interesting, in 1856 Thomas Burberry started the business focusing on the development of outdoors attire. In the 20th century it has become widely known for its practical use in expeditions and in 1914 Burberry manufactured the War Office-s officer's coat. Another interesting fact is that Burberry also  designed aviation garments.

        Today, Burberry is about designing high-quality, fashionable and unique pieces of clothing. Their bags are amazing, you can see the hard work and effort put in making them, one by one. The shoes are simple but they fit with every outfit they have created.The tartan pattern has become one of its most widely copied trademarks. And they are by far the best trench coat designers, which is obvious because they have invented it.

What do you think about the fashion show?We absolutely loved it, we have been waiting for it for so long, and we were simply blown away by it :)

Have a great day! 

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