weekend getaway

These are some pics which I took this past weekend. My colleagues from the university have been planing to go somewhere togehter for a weekned, but couldn't find the time in our first year, but luckily managed to do so this past weekend.
 It was an amazing weekend! We rented a big house in Szovata, which is the perfect place for a getaway and it's near to Targu-Mures. We partied the whole weekend. On Saturday we went skying at the local ski track, which was a fun and great experience. I didn't have the courage to go down that track, so I took a walk with my friend Edina, after which we went dining. In the evening we went to the spa. I enjoyed it a lot, after a cold but suny day to realax in a hot pool and going in the  sauna was the perfect way to almost end the evening.
I enjoyed being with my colleagues and geting to know them better. I hope we'll be going on trips more ofter in  the future!

Have a great Monday!
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  1. I love the name of your blog. My 3 favorite things! Looks like you guys had a good time! It's been a few years since I have even seen the snow. We don't get much of it in the south...



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  3. this looks so fun! i only wish i knew how to snowboard haha

  4. Great photos! :)


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  5. looks like so much fun!


  6. wooow i always wanted to go to a snow park :)

  7. ooh love these photos! you look like u had so much fun!

    love from San Francisco,

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