Party make-up tutorial

This is my first makeup tutorial ever! I've been working one a previous one but, I wasn't pleased with it, so I didn't post it. Hope to do more tutorials in the future, and hope they will turn out even better then this one!

Have a great day!

Products I've used:

1.Applying Nivea-Mattifying Day Care
2.Concealer- Max Factor Pan Stick
3.Foundation-Rimmel Stay Matte 200
4.Powder- Max Factor 41 medium beige
5.Eye primer- Oriflame
6.Eye shadow-Douglas
7.Eye shadow-YSL Ombres Vibration Duo
8.Eye shadow- Max Factor supernova pearls
9. Eyelash curler
10.Mascara- Max Factor 200 Calorie black
12.Eyeliner- Avon Blackest Black
13.Eyebrow kit- Oriflame
14.Bronzer- Oriflame
15.Shimmer Powder- Essence 01 prettylicious
16.Lipstick- Rimmel 006 Pink Blush

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