Christmas wishlist/ outfit inspirations

     Hello everyone! Hope you're having a relaxing Sunday! Today's post is a wishlist/ outfit inspiration one, where I piled together some of my cravings at the moment, all of these items you can find at .On this site you can find everything from Special Occasion Dresses  to Wholesale Womens Clothes , men's shirts , rings for women  and also jewelry. I think it is a really good online women's clothing store !
1. My first item on my wishlist is a pink long sleeved wool coat, I've been craving for a pink coat for some time now, and this one is just perfect for every occasion.
2. My second item would be this royal blue short dress, which would be perfect for a Christmas party or even for a New Years Eve one. Love the fact that it is a one shoulder dress and it has rime-stones on it.
3. My third item is a strapless mermaid floor length gown which I would wear to a super elegant New Years Eve Party or even a gala.
4. My fourth item is a black and white colored blazer, I've been looking for a well tailored one for a while now. This one is just perfect!
5. My fifth item is a cozy holiday sweater and this one is so cute. It looks so comfy and cozy, love that it has an animal printed faux fur inside.
6. And last but not least are the jewelleries have so many beautiful ones and at an affordable price,   you should check them out!

Have an amazing Sunday!

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  1. These are all awesome! :)

  2. Hi beautiful, i just discovered your blog and i love it, is so look great, i love your wish list,i also want some of the thing you have published! they are great! I'm following you since know, have a look at my blog if you want! I hope you like it, kisses from Spain sweety!

  3. the christmas jumpers look beautifulllll :)


  4. Great selection! I really like the bracelets and necklace :)
    I'm your follower ... you wanna follow each other?

    xoxo from Italy :)

  5. The bracelets from the lest picture are amazing! Thanks for the link and the tip!;)

  6. Great choices! Love your wishlist! :)

  7. Love that pink coat & those sweaters. Both look so cozy. You should always buy yourself a little Christmas present :)

  8. ohhh woow i want all of these too :)

  9. Love the pink coat!
    Thanks for the comment =)

  10. Loving the third look, that jacket is awesome!!

  11. Loving this inspiration! Thank you! Perhaps we could follow each other?

    XO Lulu

  12. Cute wishlist! I love the jacket in the first set of pictures.

    xo Andrea

  13. i like the furry sweaters!