November Favorites!



1. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm - Standout Remarquable (no. 250) - This is the craziest lipstick I have ever tried out! I mean it's a perfect color and let's just not talk about the smell and just the feeling it gives you when putting it on! Oh my, oh my! Definitely something everyone has to try out! All of my friends love it, Kinga adores it too! It's a deep red, with a minted scent, and it is so refreshing when putting it on. Oh and it stays on your lips for almost the entire day! So crazy! I absolutely love it!!!

2. Essence Stay all day 16h long-lasting make-up - I never used Essence foundation before, but I must say I really like this one. The first thing that I really loved was the smell of it, vanilla. It has a medium coverage foundation but it is buildable. It doesn't really last 16 h'ours, but it is perfect for a night out with friends. For a better stay I recommend putting a primer before using it.I also love that it has a matte finish, perfect for day-to-day use.

3. Catrice Prime and Fine Smoothing refiner - I really love this product because it evens out your skin and it makes foundation really easy to apply. It evens our pores and fine lines. It has a smooth texture and it can be easily applied. You only need a small amount of it for your entire face.

4. Manhattan cosmetics Waterproof Gel Eyeliner - Fairy Flight (no. 02) - My all time fave eyeliner got a bit weird, so I started using this one , which we had for some time. And I love it! Such a great color, something a bit more sophisticated and chic. Of course, I don't use its brush, but the product is really good, it stays in place just as I like it!


5. Moyra nail polishes - no. 19 & 40 - I have been using these nail polishes for quite some time and I love that they last over a week with a minimal chipping. They have a good color pay off and try quickly. I also use the Moyra top coat, I apply it under the color and on top of it, so it will last a good week. I really love these two red shades they are perfect for the Christmas season and look amazing on.


6. Schwarzkopf GLISS Daily Oil Elixir - I got this hair oil about a month ago and I just fell in love. Ever since I started dyeing my hair I need to take extra care of my hair and mainly the ends of it. I tried one from Syoss which I also love ,but I feel like this one is better for my type of hair. I use it after i washed my hair and before trying it, I only use one or max two pumps of it. When using this product keep in mind that less is more, otherwise your hair will be greasy the next day.

7. Batiste dry shampoo (original) - I received this from Dorina & Cristina, thanks girls once again! I'm not sure if it's a favorite, but I really wanted to discuss something with you. So, I feel it does a pretty good job as a dry shampoo, I can feel and see my hair looks way more normal, but my scalp is itching so badly when using it. It must be some kind of chemical reaction but it irritates my scalp. At first I didn't realize it, but after a few times of using it I figured it out, it must be this dry shampoo. I am sooooo sad, because I would definitely use it, it's a great product! So I suggest you try it out as well, hopefully you will have a more pleasant experience with it.

8. Balea dry shampoo - Unfortunately I don't always have the time to wash my hair, so there are some days where I need some help making the grease disappear. In those cases I use this lovely product. I spray it on the areas needed massaged in and I am good to go. Don't use too much because it makes your hair look white, that's why you need to massaged in.


9. Cheap & Chic Moschino ChicPetals - If you follow us on Facebook or you are a friend of mine, you might have noticed that there was a time when I was sharing a link all the time, asking you to vote for me. I won this perfume, so thank you guys for your support! I just love the scent, I wouldn't say it's for winter, more like spring/autumn but I still love to use it, because I love it! I have no idea how to describe perfumes, but if you are interested in it, I found a pretty useful site, just take a look!


10. Neutrogena Hand and Nail Cream - I recently bought this hand cream and I just love it! I don't usually use creams, but in this awful weather, this is a must! I love that it's not too watery and not too greasy, it has the perfect consistency! 


Color code { Kinga ; Saci }

Have an amazing week!
Saci & Kinga

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  1. What a cool post! Stunning pictures!

  2. Ce poze frumoase si festive ati facut! <3
    Si pe Cristina o mai mananca sclpul de la samponul uscat, pe mine nu.
    Cred ca solutia e sa mai incercati altul, poate o sa fie bun.
    Eu am o incercat si o varianta de la Balea, dar nu mi-a placut deloc. Miroasea urat si imi lasa reziduuri albe in par, parca eram ninsa. Batiste mi se pare mult mai bun si ofera si volum.
    Nu am incercat niciodata fond de ten Essence, o sa-l testam si noi sa vedem daca ne place, sa ni-l luam.
    Va pup! :*

  3. Nice nail polishes. I liked your post very much!
    Hope you upload a new one soon :))

    VIOLETTEblog on Facebook

  4. The perfume looks so cool

    xoxo, ♥

  5. I think i am going to try the esencje fundation now :)


  6. Great photos

    New post in

  7. Amazing pictures, my dear <3

    Have a great day,


  8. beautiful pictures dear :) I use Neutrogena's hand cream also really good choice :)

  9. Abia astept sa ajung in Romania sa imi iau Batiste !!!!

  10. Nice productS!

  11. Thanks for the recommendations! I'll be sure to check it out! I still haven't tried dry shampoo but I'm thinking that I really need to see what the hype is all about!

    be the plebeian

  12. Amazing photography! <3

  13. Love your beauty and make up goodies, and love the photos too! Very nice! :)

  14. Lovely selection! I'd love to try the foundation! ;)

  15. I love the pictures. They are simply amazing! ^^

  16. Hello! Adorable post, I also do love Revlon Colorbust Matte Balm :)

  17. Very nice, what a wondeful world...very chic Moschino...

  18. Imádom a Neutrogena kézkrémeket, sajnos nélkülük nem megy nálam a tél. Annyira szép hangulatosak a képek!