Fall lipsticks!


1. Misslyn - 122 : It's a new purchase for this fall season, I bought in a Muller store in Budapest. I really like the color of it,I haven't seen something like this before in stores. The only negative thing about it is that it doesn't last on the lips if you eat or drink. But on the bright side it moisturises the lips and you can reapply it. If you know a brand that dose a similar color please write it in the comment down bellow.

2. Astor - 360 : This one is an oldie but goodie in my make up collection! Love the color and the lasting  power of it.  You can apply it without lip liner. If you want to intensify the color use a creamy concealar under your lipstick.

3. Essence - 09 Wear Berries : It's one of the cheapest but still very good lipstick I have. It's a more wearable color then the other one.

4. Rimmel London - 080 One of a kind : This one is my fave, it's really hydrating lipstick and the color is amazing, the perfect purplely pink. 

5. Sleek - Cherry 790 - Is the perfect cherry red, it's perfect for a night out or spacial occations. It has an amazing lasting power and it doesn't dry out the lips.

6. Revlon Colorburst - 250 Standout Remarquable : One of my fave red lipsticks, I like it because it's a mate color and it stays on the lips all day long. If you're on the market for a good mate red lipstick this is the one. 

7. Bourjois - Rouge Edition Velvet 07 Nude-ist : I really love the ashy pink color of it, it's also a mate lipstick. It lasts all day on you're lips. It's perfect for a first date.

8. Zoeva - Silly love : When you put it one you're lips it's like you but on a lip balm. It's really hydrating and it look good with every hair color. It's not that long lasting, but you can always reapply it.

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Hope you enjoyed this post!

Have a lovely day!

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