What I cooked for the Second of Advent!


     Hey everyone! Today I cooked!! I never cook because I am so lazy, that is why I picked out super easy recipes. Everything was so easy, I don't feel tired at all. Plus all of these are super healthy! As we told you last week, we made a game out of cooking, every Sunday someone else has to cook and we give each other points. Last week Kinga cooked, this week it was my turn, next week our cousin will make us something really yummy and the forth Sunday will be our mums turn. 
    When searching for recipes, I was looking for easy, healthy, and mainly for foods that don't need much cooking. The decor was Kinga's masterpiece, I only told her I want white tablecloth. So, let's see what I cooked!


APPETIZER: Sweet potato rounds with herbed ricotta, walnuts and cranberries:

This took up the most time I have to say. So if you ever want to surprise your family with this, be sure to start with it. I used two big potatoes, I sliced them (approx. 0.5 cm), drizelled them with olive oil and seasoned it with salt and cinnamon. I put them on a baking paper in the tray and put them in a pre-heated (200 degrees Celsius) oven for 20 minutes. I flipped the potatoes, and put them back for another 10 minutes, after that I added the walnuts on the baking paper, and left them in the oven for another 10 minutes. So it takes up approx. 40 minutes for the potatoes to cook through. Meanwhile I prepared the ricotta. I found ricotta in Auchan, I added two-three tbs honey, and some italian herbs. I chopped up the walnuts, put the herbed ricotta on the potato rounds and placed them on a pretty plate. I added the chopped walnuts and cranberries, and voila! Looks and tastes amazing! 


SOUP: Minty raw pea and spinach soup:

I never ever cooked soup, so I knew I wanted to make a raw soup from the beginning, because I don't want to mess up a festive meal. Plus, it's so healthy! I found this recipe on Yummly app, where you sign up and enter your preferances, and that you are a beginner or a pro-cook. Basically all I did was blend all the ingredients: a cup of water, 400 gr of frozen peas, 100 gr of baby spinach, 1/4 cup of cashew, garlic, lemon juice, chopped fresh mint, salt and pepper. I didn't want to serve it cold cuz it's freaking December, so I just put them in the microwave oven for a minute, I added some yoghurt and pommegranate for styling, plus it looks kind of festive, right? 


MAIN COURSE: Oven - baked salmon fillets with cucumber sauce, roasted zucchini and cherry tomatoes:

I really wanted to cook some fish, and because one of the criterias when giving points is health, I wanted to please my mum, so I decided to make oven - baked salmon. All I had to do is sprinkle the salmons with some olive oil, season them with pepper and salted Italian herbs and put them in a pre-heated oven (200 degrees Celsius) for 20 minutes. I placed them in the oven the same time I placed the vegetables as well, because they need the same ammount of time, and I wanted to be time-efficient. For the vegetables all I did was chop the zucchinis and some garlic, add the cherry tomatoes, mix them all together, add some salt and pepper, and some olive oil and place them on a pre-heated tray. I grated some cheese on the vegetables. The sauce is really similar to the tzatziki sauce we used to make. I grated one big cucumber and garlic, added some lemon juice and the zest of half a lemon, a big spoon of whole grain mustard, yoghurt and that's pretty much it. It was a match made in heaven! 


DESSERT: Overnight chocolate chia seed pudding:

Again, for the dessert I wanted something really simple and I didn't want to bake anything. I prepared them the day before, because it has to stay a night in the fridge. Basically, I mixed all the ingredients together: 1/3 cup of chia seed, 1 and 1/2 cup of almond and rice milk, 1/4 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder, some cinnamon, a pinch of sea salt, and vanilla extract. It also requires sweetening with maple syrup, but because we don't have maple syrup, and I wanted something low-calorie, I added more vanilla extract and cinnamon. After mixing the ingredients I placed them in the tiny jars I bought from an Ikea shop (this is really important because it will thicken, and if you leave it in the mixing bowl, next day you cannot serve it!!!) and put them in the fridge. Today I added some cherries, pommagranates and mint leaves and voila!!

This menu I think proves, that you don't need lots of time and energy to cook for a 4 member family, all you need is to be inventive and try out things you never thought. Try out a raw soup instead of the traditional soups, it takes up literally 5 minutes, and it has a fresh and yummy taste. Don't try to over complicate the dessert. You don't need 5 different types of cakes with 10 different creams. Try out something simple and healthy! Plus,  I feel like loads of people forget that they have an oven. The easiest thing is to just throw in some food in the oven, and do whatever you want in those 20-40 minutes it's ready. Be creative people! 

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. Bravo! Te-ai descurcat foarte bine, totul arata tare apetisant :*

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  3. Oh my, I shouldn't open this post at night, getting a little bit hungry now)))

  4. Wow this dinner looks heavenly!

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  5. what a feast! :) wonderful!


  6. great post!

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  8. MMMM looks SO YUM dear :) great blog btw

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    have a lovely weekend!

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  9. The apetizer sounds really yummy and cool! I'm gonna try it ;)