REVIEW: Ziaja - Manuka Tree Purifying


Hello everyone! Happy New Year! Hope you had a lovely Holiday and New Years Eve!
Today we are talking about skincare, I really want to introduce to you this amazing Polish brand, Ziaja. It has been developed by a pharmacist family and it has been on the market for more the 25 years. I've been using there product for quite some time now, I discovered them at the beginnig of last year when I moved to Szeged. The first product I bought from them was the chocolate hand cream and it really got me hooked.

In the last few months my skin has been acting strange, my chin has been full of break-outs. Never had that problem in my life, not even when I was a teenager, maybe my hormones are out of control now! :))) So I decided to try these product for oily and mixed skin. Really like the results I have after using it.


 I use this face toner in the morning before applying my cream and at night after I've taken off my makeup. Spray a few pumps on a cotton pad I swipe it all over my face. Love the way it leaves my skin after using it, it removes the excess oil and makeup and at the same time calms my skin. It has an amazing fresh smell. 


It reduces existing pimples and redness. All of the product are paraben-free. I also use it sometime during the day when I feel tired, I just spray it across my face and it wakes me up.


I also use the creams religiously in the morning and at night. It hydrates my skin without making it oily or shine, the two things I really hate. You only need to use a pea size for your entire face. It contains 3% almond acid, which brightens dark spots and exfoliates the skin.


If you have oily skin or have problems with break out or acne try this range of products from Ziaja.
You can find them in Romania in pharmacies, DM, Douglas, Carrefour, Auchan, Rossman, Metro and Billa. They are also affordable products, which is another bonus.

Have you tried anything from Ziaja? If so what and how did you like it?

Have a lovely day!

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  1. niestety tej edycji nie znam :(

    Fashion & Makeup

    1. I actually quite hate it. The cleanser dries my face very much, and after applying day cream my face feels oily.

  2. Lovely post, your blog's a true inspiration
    Happy thursday

    x Isabelle | Outfit Van De Dag
    Facebook Page *Click*

  3. They look great!

  4. I love manuka, got it as a gift, and absolutely love the way it acts on my skin after makeup is removed.
    New Post on my blog, do drop by soon ,<3

  5. I love Ziaja products! <3 I discovered this brand a few months ago and since then I bought at least 10 products :)
    I love that they don't contain alcohol and skin irritants and as you've said are affordable.

  6. I've tried their hand cream and goat milk face creams. I really liked that day cream with goat milk. It's so light and hydrates very well. I love the package of this toner, the fact that you just pump the amount that you want. With all the others it's pretty easy to overflow your cotton pad with liquid.
    Anyway, I already use Eveline SOS toner for blemishes and redness (which I couldn't recommend more) but I might try this one too. And, I am definitely trying those creams as I am always in the process of trying new creams for my face.

    P.S. This was a long comment :)
    Best wishes in new year...

  7. I have super oily skin too. I don't think I'll be able to find this product in the UK


  8. This looks super for a quick fix of oily skin

    xoxo, ♥