{Travel Tuesday: Fes + VLOG}


As you can see from the pictures, Fes is such an eclectic city. Different parts of the city have totally different style/feeling. I have to be totally honest with you, it is my least fave city in Morocco, and probably I ever visited even though there were some parts that I truly loved, like the big park we accidentally stumbled upon, and the beautiful Royal Palace.
If you never heard of this city, you should know it is one of the four imperial cities from Morocco (along with Meknes, Marrakesh and Rabat). It is listed as a World Heritage Site and it has the worlds biggest medina. And to my surprise, the oldest university that is still functioning is located also in Fes, the University of Quaraouiyine, founded in 859.
A lot of people say that Fes is quite dangerous, especially the medina part. When we arrived, we didn't feel any safer on the outskirt either. This is when the cultural shock hit us hard. We arrived with bus, and had no idea how to get to our hostel. We stopped two young ladies who helped us, and fetched a taxi. But lemme tell you, they ran in the streets to stop the cars and shouted to the drivers. Yep, it was so hectic, but also one of those moments you will never forget. 


Jardin Jnan Sbil - the garden we accidentally stumbled upon


Bab Bou Jeloud - The Blue Gate, the biggest and pretties gate that leads to the old town, the medina of Fes. The medina part is really busy, and we were told not to really use our phones or cameras because they might steal it. Sometimes I was even a bit anxious, because the medina is like a labyrinth. If you don't use some sort of a map or app, you can get lost easily. Tiny, narrow streets, too many people. That is why most of my pictures are either not in focus, or not straight. 


Typical Moroccan riad with a pool and trees inside.


This is how the labyrinth looks like. Dirty old walls, narrow streets. Also, our guide told us that women in Morocco a few centuries ago were not allowed to leave their homes only once in their life, when they moved from the fathers house to the husbands house. So they peeked through those tiny holes from the window to see what is happening on the streets. I don't know if this is accurate, tried to find something online about it but didn't find it.


A leather tannery, almost a thousand year old. Fes is famous for its leather goods, you can buy good quality leather anywhere in the medina. Since I am not a big real leather fan, I didn't buy anything. But this view is incredible, but behold, the smell is traumatizing. If you want to know more about this tannery, check out this site.



Bou Inania Madrasa 


A herbary, where you can find all kind of spices, oils especially the famous Moroccan oil. Not the super expensive fake ones big companies sell, but the real deal.


The Royal Palace of Fes. We only had a few minutes to enjoy this view because we were running late. But it has to be my face place in Fes. Quiet, chill, not many tourists. 

There is a flight from Paris to Fes with Ryanair, or if you come from other parts of Morocco, check out the two bus companies, CTM bus or Supratours bus. 

There are so many hotels/hostels but we decided to sleep at Maison D'hotes Zohor. It was 10 euros/person/night with breakfast included. It is probably the nicest hostel I ever been to. 

I would advise anyone wanting to explore Fes to find a tour guide, and visit everything there is in the medina part. It's way easier and safer for all of you. Also, you can easily find the Royal Palace by yourself and the Jardin Jnan Sbil.

We tried out tagine for the first time in Fes, and absolutely loved it in a tiny restaurant called Chez Rachid. We met the nicest people there! So hospitable and helpful.

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Hope you liked the post!

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  1. thats a super cool place
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  4. Fes is definitely on my bucket list! So beautiful! <3


  5. What a beautiful location to vacation!

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