the perfect friday

{jeans amisu, sweater aggressive, t-shirt takko, bag meli melo, uggs adidas, watch fossile, bracelates stradivarius}

So this is what I wore today, it was very comfy! The Adidas boots  are so cute and comfortable, the best thing is that they go with almost everything.
In the morning my friends and I went for a coffe to the Irish Pub (where the medical students go usually, because it's close to the uni).After our much needed  friday morning coffee we had our last lecture of the week.
The other part of my day I spent it with my family, and went shopping. : ) Well needless to say that I LOVE shopping , as almost every girl. I bought some pretty awesome things, some of which I got on sale.( which I will show you in my next post).
In the evening we went to the theater to watch Carmina Burana, the perfect finish for a beautiful day !
Loved this day, wish every day would be a little like this one.

Have a great weekend!

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