Spring Ball - 4 years in a row

       Thursday I attended the Spring Ball which was the 4th time for me, and maybe my last, because it is attended mostly by our High-Schools students, and as you know, I am in my final year. During these 4 years I really tried to look my best, appropriate for a Ball, but this year I got tired, so I wore Kinga's dress, over accessorized, but I think it looked great! I decided to show you all of my outfits during the four year.
  My first year I was really excited because it was my first time, so I decided to stick to the given theme, wearing a long dress. I bought this dress long time ago, when I was overweight so for that occasion I had to work a bit on it.

    In 2010 I had no idea what to wear.Initially I wanted to rent a dress, but I didn't had the time to look around, so I bought a summery dress. When my ex-boyfriends mum saw it, she gave her black dress, because she didn't thought that the dress I bought fit the event. Looking back, she was right, and I looked awesome in her dress as well!

{I'm the one with the big hair - nice isn't it? }

    Last year I opted for a black long gown , and I know it was spring ball, but honestly here in Romania you cannot find amazing, affordable, colorful night gowns. The ones you can find here are awful, so better look fabulous in something black, right? This dress I bought because the following day I had to go to an important wedding, so it was a great idea to buy it!

{In 2010 and 2011 my hair was made by my hair stylist. She has an amazing style, and she always knows what me and my sister want for a specific event.You can find her here}

  And this year, I wore my sister's Rinascimento dress with my super cheap high heels, Zara headband and Accessorize bracelet. Here are more photos of Thursday's event: 

All in all, I enjoyed taking part in all of these events, they were unique experience where you could dress up a bit, because here, in Romania there are really few events you can attend dressed up like this.

Have you been to any Balls lately? Tell us more about your experiences, we are really interested!

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  1. Glad to hear!! :) Gorgeous dress and I love the head band, x


  2. I love the sparkly head piece! So cute!



  3. you looked so pretty!


  4. I love all the looks! The headband in the latest look is to die for!


  5. ce dragut! imi place mult coafura ta! :X

  6. Esti absolut superba!! Iubesc rochita ta, te avantajeaza foarte mult :D


  7. Wow!! you looks so Glam!!!

    Love your dress :)


    Adrien Loren

  8. There's no such thing as being over-accessorized! I adore the crystal headband.

  9. Ahh looks like you had fun!!


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