{Interview} Ashley : Southern (California) Belle

     Hi guys! If you've been following us for a while now, you might know that we recently started interviewing our favorite bloggers, and we think it's such a great idea to get to know them better. This month we decided to introduce you  Ashley, a beautiful mommy-to-be blogger, who never fails to disappoint us with her colorful yet very girly-girl style! Enjoy!

1.When did your interest in fashion begin and what made you want to start a style blog?

    "I think I've always had an interest in fashion.  When I was young my mother would try and pick out my outfits.  I've always had an idea about how I wanted to dress and I never let anyone get in the way of that (including mom!).  I started my style blog because I had seen so many others and thought I should take a chance at it as well.  I never realized how much you put into posting your personal style but I find it both fun and challenging."

2. Have you always had a spot in your heart for fashion? 

    "Yes!  As a young girl I always wore dresses.  I considered myself a bit of a tomboy, but I'd be playing with the boys in my dresses.  These days I've found  more of my femininity, but I've never stopped dressing up."

 3. Describe your style. Has it evolved since you began your blog? 

    "I consider my style girly yet practical.  I have an hourglass shape so I love to wear fit and flare dresses.  I try to buy pieces that I can dress both up and down and get multiple uses from.  I don't think my style has changed since starting my blog, but I think I get much more inspiration from other bloggers which definitely influences my style."

4.  What things or places inspire you?

    "Defintely other bloggers.  Before I was consumed by the style blogging world, magazines were great inspiration.  Unfortunatly, it was hard to recreate a style when you're being shown high fashion pieces.  I love going to a style blog, being taken away by their outfit, and finding exactly where they bought it (or linking to something similar).  I've found so many great pieces this way!"

5.  Do you have any style icons?

    "Of course!  I love Carey Mulligan's style.  She always looks flawless!  I also like Taylor Swift, Kiera Knightly, and Emma Stone."

6. What spring/summer pieces or trends are you most excited to wear?

    "I feel like I'm growing into maxi skirts and dresses this summer.  While it's not what I normally wear, I think they look so pretty and they're really easy to style.  I was really into crop tops last summer, but since I'm pregnant this year I won't be wearing any haha!"

7. Is there a store or designer that you feel best embodies your personal style? 

    "My favorite designer of all time is Luella Bartley.  Every piece she's ever designed should be in my closet!  I was really upset when she decided to retire, but I heard she's doing a line for Marc by Marc Jacobs that debuts next year :)"

8. What five essentials should every girl have in her wardrobe? 

"A fit and flair little black dress
A great pencil skirt
A comfortable pair of heels
A peacoat
A pair of black pants"

9. Do you have a signature scent or shade of lipstick? 
    "I love Bright Crystal by Versace.  I think it's a great summer scent!  As for lipstick, I always stick with a baby pink.  I feel like it goes with everything."

10. What websites and blogs do you read daily?
    "I try to read blogs everyday but sometimes it's a little challenging!  But I make sure to always keep up with Midwest Muse, Of Corgis and Cocktails, Smitten, and Shop and Twirl.  They're always fun reads!"

11. What are your favorite designers and where do you usually shop?

    "I mostly shop online.  My favorite stores are Modcloth, Ruche, and ASOS.  I really love Dahlia as well, their dresses are all swoonworthy!"

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Have an amazing week!
Saci & Kinga

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  9. What a lovely Idea and Blogger - she is just too cute! Next week "Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin" starts - I would love to invite you to read my posts about it! I'm so excited and love to hear your opinion about it! ♡Love, Kyra

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