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We promised more make up/cosmetics related posts, so here is our first "Monthly Favorites" post! We decided to choose 5-5 products that we have been using non stop in June, and tell you why we really like it! (The espadrilles in the photos are from H&M, you can see an outfit with it here).


1. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - Got this product a few moths ago. At first I didn't notice any significant difference, but after a couple of uses I noticed how it removes all of the make-up properly, even the mascara and the eye-liner. It leaves the skin clean and with a sense of freshness. After using my other make-up remover I broke out, but with this one I didn't, so that's another bonus. Have you tried it? If so did you like it?

2. Syoss Heat Protect Styling Spray - When this line came out a few years ago, I had my reservations with it.It was an impulse purchase for me but I really didn't regret it. Not only does it protect the hair from heat but also  gives it a texture that I really like. Most of the time I use this before blow drying my hair, after which I put some sealing finish fluid.

3. Syoss Shine-Sealing Finish Fluid - Perfect for split ends, damaged and/or dyed hair. Plus if your hair doesn't have that extra shine this will surely help. I use it before or after straightening. What I really like about this product, besides the fact that it works it's magic, is the smell! Part of the reason why I bought this in the first place was the smell!

4. Catrice Absolute Eyeshadow Palette - I bought it when I was in Hungary because I heard a lot of good thing about this brand on Youtube, so I had to try them out. I am an "all natural make-up" type of girl, so for me this is a must. I have been using it ever since I got it and I already hit pan. I use it for my everyday makeup and also at night. It has a really good pigment and it can be applied easily on the eyelids. Another bonus is the price. I haven't seen them in the stores here in Romania, but you can buy it online from 1001 Cosmetice, click here for the eyeshadow palette

5. Catrice Allround Concealer - Love it because you can use it under your eyes, on your spots and even as a highlight. It has  a wide range of colors and even a green one for hiding any redness and the salmon color for the dark circles. If you are from Romania, you can find it here


1. L'Occitane Red Cherry beautifying lotion & shower gel - I received these babies when I was in Hungary, visiting relatives and I just love them. Of course, I mainly use the beautifying lotion and keep the shower gel for when I am away. What I really like about it is the texture, it is light and shimmery, perfect for summer time. You can find them even in Romania (I had no idea), here & here!

2. Oriflame Hand & Body Cream - lavender & fig - This was a gift from our lovely mum, and I think this is the first time we used a body butter. Anyway, we just love it! Because we are in exam time, we can use it more often at home, to boost ourselves for another 10-20 pages, but I am not sure I will use it that often in summer time. 

3. Astor Big & Beautiful BOOM! Volume Mascara - Waterproof - I have been using Astor mascara for quite some time. Because I have pretty curly and long eyelashes, I need a mascara with a big brush, and this one comes with a huge brush that I just love. And of course, because it's summer time, I decided to try out the waterproof version also and I am pretty satisfied with it!

4. Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner - Some of the things mentioned here were part of our other post, but honestly this eyeliner is worth mentioning twice. I don't know if you have noticed but for me, make up means: eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. And finding the perfect eyeliner for my eyes is pretty hard. I've started using pencil eyeliner when I was 12 , part of my rocker self, and I loved the fact that it was messy, smudged all over. But now, I except quite the opposite from an eyeliner, to stay in a place, where I applied it. And I tried almost everything, so this is by far the best one!

5. Catrice Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm - I am not sure which color this is because we used it so much, but we will buy it in other colors as well. Love the texture and it is perfect for summertime. I don't really like using lip glosses in summertime because the wind blows my hair in every direction and I end up with it all over my face because it sticks to the lipgloss. 

What products have you used this month? What will you use this summer? Please let us know, and if you have a blog post featuring your favorite products, drop us the link!

PS: The special post will be up on Tuesday, but you won't regret the wait! For behind the scenes photos, follow us on Instagram !

Have an amazing week!
Kinga & Saci

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  1. Super, chiar imi trebuie un concealer nou. :D

    Fashion As I Love It by Dana Oprea

  2. Great post, I really need to get that "absolute nude" palette, looks so lovely!
    thanks for sharing :)


  3. You girls should really try the Sabon Patchouli Lavender Vanilla Hand cream. Amazing is an understatement. :D Really enjoyed the post. I"m thinking maybe I should do one also. Hmmm..



    1. you should definitely do! thanks for the comment, we will check this hand cream out! :*

  4. Love this post! I'm so glad that you've decided to do beauty related posts! <3
    Photos are great! <3
    Kisses! :*

    1. we wanted to do some beauty related posts for quite some time. And finally started it!

  5. Lot of great things honey!!!

    Alicia & Sofía

  6. I love the espadrilles, they are awesome.

  7. I love your espadrilles!

  8. cat sunt de frumoase expadrilele

  9. Great Post! Also love the Catrice Eye Shadows :)


  10. Produsele syoss si paletutele sunt deja puses pe lista de cumparaturi. :)


  11. Looks like some nice products!

    ♥ Oxana
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  12. great selection
    i really like your espadrilles,it's such a shame that our local h&m didn't carry them at all

  13. cool !!! :)


  14. love the eyeshadow and lip balm from catrice!! :D

    Animated Confessions

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  16. Great review, love the shots!

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  17. so chic!
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