What I cooked for the First of Advent!


This year we decided that every Advent Sunday someone else is going to cook, and we give points to each other and the best one wins. We wanted to make my mom's life easier. Let me tell you that cooking for four persons isn't that easy, the amount of dirty dishes is horrifying. 

Except the Sangria, I made everything myself. As the Sangria needs to sit in the fridge for a day, my mom made it on Saturday. She chopped up some apples and pears, put them in a bowl and poured the red wine on them.


APPETIZER: Mushrooms filled with cottage cheese: I separated the stem from the cap of the champignon mashrooms. I put a little butter in the cap, filled it with cottage cheese and put it in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes.


SOUP:French Onion Supe: I chopped up one kilogram of onions (for four persons) and caramelized/braised them. I poured two cups of water on them, addedsome salt, pepper, vegeta and garlic (I put four garlic cloves), and let them simmer for ten minutes. Before I took it from the stove I filled some cheese in it. And voila! You can decorate it as you want. I put some more cheese and parsley on it.


MAIN COURSE: Chicken quinoa salad: I put the chicken breast to cook. I put some salt, pepper, pizza spice and soya sauce. Let it simmer until all the water disappeared. I put too much quinoa, 1/2 or 3/4 cup is enough. You'll need to wash it first. Put it in a pot, pour water on it and let it boil after witch let it simmer for a couple of minutes. Watch the video for more info. For the salad I chopped up a big cucumber, a pack of cherry tomatos, a half a pack of arugula, freshly chopped parsley and basil. Mixed the vegetables with the quinoa and the chicken breast. For the dressing I used olive oil, mixed it with oregano and basil , put 4 cloves of freshly pressed garlic.

Recipe that got me inspired: here.


DESSERT: Cinnamon apple filled with chestnut puree: I used medium sized apples, I took the inside part out of it with a knife. For five apples you'll need a pack of chestnut puree (250 gram). I filled the inside of the apple with the puree, after that I put  one quarter of a slice of butter on it. Put it in the oven for 20 minutes, take them out after 10 minutes to put a half of a table spoon of sugar on top of it. I think it would have turned out even better if I'd have mixed the sugar and the butter together and then put it on the chestnut puree. But either way it turned out amazing! We ate it all!

Hope you had a good First of Advent!
Have a lovely evening!

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  1. Delicious indeed, my gorgeous girls.
    Thank you so much for not forgetting about me
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  2. Wow I should start cooking like this!!

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  3. Aww your pictures is so pretty <3


  4. The food looks so good and the pictures are great!
    Rita x

  5. nice pics and lovely post love to read it

  6. OMG I am hungry right now even tohugh I just ate! :))
    They all look delicious, I need to try them ;)