Christmas Gift Ideas - Part III.



     Hi everyone! We've been uploading many beauty and review type of posts because we always wanted to post more of these, and because we don't have time for many outfit photos. But as we saw, you guys enjoy them, so we will try to make it a habit! This time we are showing you the two francrances we got from Paris, which we think are a perfect gift for someone you truly love.
     We are not experts in perfumes, we rarely buy designer fragrances, but when we do, we go by the rule of: love at first sight, or let's say sniff! Kinga knew she wanted a Paco Rabanne one because she has a special bond with their perfumes, but I managed to talk her into the new one, the Olympea. I think the One Million is a bit overrated and boring, so why not buy something more fresh and new? And for me, I have two parfume crushes but still bought another one because this Nina Ricci: L'extase felt much more empowering, modern and goes with my personality 100%!
     So why do we think perfumes are good ideas for Christmas? Last year we surprised Kinga with a gift set and she just loved it. It was a totally different brand that she would buy for herself, but goes with her personality so much. You don't even have to think of a packaging, just put an extra large red ribbon and voila! But still, the hardest part is finding the perfect scent. That is why I said that it's the perfect gift for someone you truly love, because I feel if you really know someone, you will find a scent that describes them perfectly. It will become a perfume that bonds you somehow, and whenever you pass someone and recognise it, you think of that special someone.  And whenever they wear it, they will think of you. Isn't that a perfect gift??

So if you still want something to go by when buying a perfume, you could take a look at this article, which talks about the different signs and what kind of scents go with their personalities. I know many of you don't believe in horoscope, but I gotta tell you, this one is quite good! If you are still not convienced, take a look at this article, you will find out many interesting things that you should definitely know before buying a perfume!

For those of you who want to know more about these two fragrances, here we go!

Nina Ricci: L'extase 

This fragrance appeared this year and the gift set contains an eau de parfum (80ml), a lotion and a mini travel size parfum. It's inspired by a woman's erotic fantasies. It's composed of two kinds of accords: the first one consisting of white petals, rose and pink pepper, while the other is more sensual and warm with Siamese benzoin, Virginian cedar, musk and amber. I would say it's more of a night time perfume, but I love it so much I wear it anytime I want to feel a bit more special! It lasts throughout the whole day.

Paco Rabanne: Olympea

This fragrance also appeared this year, the gift set contais an eau de parfum (50 ml) and a body lotion. Later we found gift sets that contained a mini travel size parfum also. It is the equivalent of the masculine edition Invictus from 2013, inspired by the athletic spirit, competition and victory. The concept is based on the idea of a modern Greek goddess and evokes strength, dynamism and conquests. ts both salty and floral compositions is characterized as fresh oriental, opening with sparkling green mandarin, aquatic notes of water jasmine and fiery ginger lily, with salted vanilla in the heart. The base notes are sandalwood, cashmere and ambergris.

Tell us which is your go to perfume? How do you choose your fragrances? We are really interested!!

Hope you enjoyed this!
Saci & Kinga

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